Are these bracelets handmade?

Yes, each Daana Ki Bracelet is handmade, so technically, no two are exactly alike.  They are made in China because China is the world’s largest grower of hemp.  To reduce environmental impact, we wanted to source the product where the actual growing of the main component, hemp, takes place.


Are the bracelets waterproof?

We do not recommend getting the bracelets wet.  They are made of hemp, a natural fiber, so they are not waterproof, but they are naturally quick drying.  The hemp fibers are dyed to create our beautiful color combinations.  Washing the bracelets will cause fading of the colors and fraying over time.  To help prevent this, you can coat the bracelet with an oil-based product like baby oil, petroleum jelly, or even olive oil.  This should offer a bit more protection against fading.  We don't advise wearing the bracelets in chlorinated water as this will bleach the colors.  


Will the logo tag leaf charm rust?

Our leaf charm is made of polished stainless steel and will not rust.  The charms are thin metal, so they can bend or break.


Can I wear the bracelet as an anklet?

The length of the bracelet without the closure ​is about 12.5 inches.  With the closure, it has a 5.5 inch diameter.  For most customers, it will be possible to wear it as an anklet, but it depends on your foot size.  You can always remove the closure and simply tie the bracelet around your ankle.  

How long will the bracelet last if one wears it on a daily basis?

As long as the bracelet is not exposed to water on a regular basis, it should last about three to six months.  Repeated exposure to water will result in faded colors.  Also, over time, the fibers will soften and this could cause fraying. 


Are the closures secure?

Our bracelets were designed to be as minimal as possible and to use no additional embellishments.  This is why we chose to use a single thread knot as a closure.  If your closure comes undone, please email us at contact@daanakibracelets.com and we will send you replacement matching hemp thread.  Simple instructions for creating the knot are available here.  You may also choose to simply knot the bracelet as is customary for friendship bracelets. 




Do you offer refunds?

We will accept returns on new, unworn, packaged merchandise within 14 days.  Please reach us at contact@daanakibracelets.com.  Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. 


Do you provide free shipping?

We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $17 and free premium shipping on all orders over $49.


Do you provide a tracking number?

Due to the low cost of "Standard Shipping," we cannot provide tracking numbers for standard shipments, but you will receive an email alert when your order has shipped.  If you wish to have tracking on your order, you may choose the "Premium Shipping" option for an increased shipping fee. 


How long do orders take to process/ship?

Orders are processed and shipped within two business days of order confirmation. 

Charitable Support

Are you a non-profit organization?

We are not a non-profit organization.  We do not accept donations, but we encourage you to visit the sites of the many non-profit organizations we support and become involved directly. 


Is my purchase tax deductible?

No, purchases do not directly benefit any organization and they are not tax deductible to the purchaser.