Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will take a look at our bracelets, but also our "We Support" page where we list the organizations whose efforts against climate change we champion. Environmental conservation is utterly important to us, and we hope that we are able to pique your curiosity about the fine work being done by these outstanding organizations.

Our bracelets/anklets speak for themselves. They are minimal yet stylish, and producing them creates little environmental impact. We hope you will read our story, one of a NYC mom and her teen daughter bringing these lovely bracelets to you. Please take a look at our short video below as well.

As we are new, we are hungry for feedback on our site, our products, our support...anything would like to share. Please reach us at or click on the Instagram, Facebook or Twitter buttons at the bottom of this page. We thank you for visiting, and hope you like what you see.

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