Our Biosphere pack includes our Coral ReefRainforest and Wildflowers bracelets.  


Bio equals life.  The biosphere is everywhere on Earth where life exists.  All ecosystems, all terrains, from deep within the soil to the very tops of mountain peaks are part of our biosphere.  The first forms of life on Earth, prokaryotes, could survive without oxygen, but the addition of oxygen into our atmosphere facilitated the birth of more complex life forms. Over time, an ever-evolving web of reciprocity developed and now all life forms - humans, animals, plants, bacteria – depend on each other for survival.


Wear your dedication to conservation™ of all life forms on Earth.  DKB is proud to support the wonderful work of Coral Restoration Foundation, Rainforest Trust and Pollinator Partnership.  To learn more about the environmental conservation efforts of the organizations we support, click here.


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Biosphere Pack

  • Material: 100% natural, environmentally friendly, waxed hemp fiber 

    Size: Adjustable from 2 - 5.5 inches in diameter

    Charm:  Polished 304 Stainless Steel

    Care: A natural fiber, hemp is not waterproof, but quick drying.  If exposed to water, bracelets will soften over time and colors may fade.  

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