The Canyon bracelet features the burnt oranges, golden yellows and dusty browns of the quiet rock formations that seem to glow in the sunlight.


Canyons are so much more than sweeping vistas and beautiful landscapes.  They serve as ecological refuges, home to many rare, threatened and endangered plant and animal species.  For example, the Grand Canyon contains several major ecosystems, encompasses five of the seven life zones, and offers immense biologicial diversity.  


Wear your dedication to conservation™ and protection of all species and the diverse terrains they call home.   DKB is honored to support Grand Canyon Conservancy and their work to preserve this natural wonder. To learn more about the environmental conservation efforts of the organizations we support, click here.


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  • Material: 100% natural, environmentally friendly, waxed hemp fiber 

    Size: Adjustable from 2 - 5.5 inches in diameter.  May be worn as an anklet depending on foot size.

    Charm:  Polished 304 Stainless Steel

    Care: A natural fiber, hemp is not waterproof, but quick drying.  If exposed to water, bracelets will soften over time and colors may fade.  

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