The Rainforest bracelet features the lush shamrocks, limes and jungle greens of tropical vegetation and the scarlet and yellows of macaws and toucans.


Recognized as essential to keeping our planet healthy, rainforests are sometimes called the lungs of the Earth.  Vital to the water cycle, rainforests pull water out of the ground and release it into our atmosphere, creating clouds that serve as "rivers in the sky" who provide life preserving precipitation around the globe.  Rainforests are also home to millions of species of plant, insect and animal life.


Wear your dedication to conservation™ of the ecological treasures that are rainforests. DKB is proud to support the work of Rainforest Trust.  To learn more about the environmental conservation efforts of the organizations we support, click here.  


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  • Material: 100% natural, environmentally friendly, waxed hemp fiber 

    Size: Adjustable from 2 - 5.5 inches in diameter.  May be worn as an anklet depending on foot size.

    Charm:  Polished 304 Stainless Steel

    Care: A natural fiber, hemp is not waterproof, but quick drying.  If exposed to water, bracelets will soften over time and colors may fade.  

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